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Serenite Custom Facials Services & Rates

Acne Clearing Facial           $50

All of the products in this custom facial are specifically designed to clear up acne breakouts.  High frequency light therapy is included, which kills underlying bacteria beneath the skin's surface.

Fast Firming Facial         $60

This facial is great for someone who wants their skin to look instantly lifted and firm. The Flax-C firming mask instantly tightens and tones your skin giving you the look of instant face lift!

Rose Stem Cell Repair Facial         $60

This facial is based on cutting edge plant-based technology using 5 perfect reparative rose stem cells.  This facial really delivers, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; regenerating and rejuvenating the skin; hydrates and brightens; firms and tones.

Lactic Plus Exfoliating Facial/Peel   $65

This facial is perfect for those seeking to clear up minor acne breakouts.It also hydrates the skin, fights premature aging and works to heal post-acne scarring. A great choice for the first time peel client, as it is mild, yet leaves you with an exfoliated radiant glow!

Pumpkin Peel Facial  $55

This facial is detoxifying and vitamin enriched... utilizing pumpkin enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. It also nourishes and replenishes essential vitamins and minerals that improve skin elasticity. And who can resist that irresistible pumpkin scent!

Ultra Detox Illuminating Facial/Peel   $65

If you want glowing radiant skin, then this facial is for you! Custom Facial that includes an illuminating, hydrating mask which also fades brown spots and softens fine lines and wrinkles, PLUS unclogs pores, and shrinks enlarged pores! All of this with zero downtime, zero flaking and 100% results.

Custom Facial $45

Cleansing, exfoliation, steam and a custom mask. Includes a 15 massage of the face, neck and shoulders, a moisturizer and aromatherapy.

Facial w/ Manual Microdermabrasion    $70

Custom Facial,plus a "hands-on" style of mircodermabrasion, that uses a more intensive exfoliant,infused with fine ground pumice stone.This method has wonderful results targeting brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin with a youthful glow!

Microdermabrasion      $55

This method of microdermabrasion is done with a machine using an all natural flower based grain and then following up with a diamond tip method of abrasion. This gently abrades and polishes the skin surface giving you a rejuvenating glow. This treatment helps to significantly fade brown spots and soften fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a brightened and beautiful appearance!

Reflexology     60 min    $45

During this treatment the feet are first wrapped with warm damp towels and then gently scrubbed with a sugar-based foot scrub infused with aromatic oils.Then a reflexology based massage is given.This relieves tensions in the feet and increases circulation as well as alleviating ailments in other areas of the body. This treatment leaves your feet feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Teeth Whitening     30 min      $99

This treatment will whiten your teeth 2-4 shades whiter in just one session! It is done with a professional grade (12%HP) prefilled tray and light therapy. This treatment can save you$100's compared to having it done in a dentist's office and is very easy and convenient!


Brow       Chin       Lip       Combo          

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